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Yard Sale / klipsch kg 3.5
Sunday Mar 22, 2015, 09:18:19 AM
Have a pair of towers mint condition. Still have boxes.

SENSITIVITY: 94dB @ 1watt/1meter
POWER HANDLING: 65 watts maximum continuous (325 watts peak)
TWEETER: K-84-K 1" (2.54cm) Polymer dome compression driver
HIGH FREQUENCY HORN: 90(o)x40(o) Exponential Horn
WOOFER: K-1002-K 8" (20.32cm) Injected Carbon Graphite cone
ENCLOSURE MATERIAL: Medium density fiberboard construction (MDF)
ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bass reflex via front-mounted port
DIMENSIONS: 33.5" (85.1cm) x 10.5" (26.7cm) x 11.5" (29.2cm)
WEIGHT: 39 lbs. (17.7kg)
FINISHES: Black Satin veneers,

Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / Anybody have the Hopper?
Monday Feb 10, 2014, 04:32:42 PM
Anybody on this site have the Hopper and do you like it? Comments.:dg:
I am looking for a Dish installer. If one is on the the forums please PM me. :) Thanks
Are there any HR44 in the waukesha area. yet . Thanks. Or does anybody on the site have one not the HR34. The HR44 Thanks
If you use a Slingbox Pro with the Cisco box. What should you choose in setup to control the adapter with IR controller. Has anybody used a Slingbox Pro with these.
Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / Quick question on UHF /VHF
Saturday Aug 03, 2013, 07:25:26 PM
I am shopping for a Antenna to put in the garage rafters. Looking for a good antenna and wanted to know which Milwaukee stations are UHF and which are VHF. Can't seem to find that listed. I am about 30 miles from all towers in Oconomowoc. And am going to have to go thru the roof. It is a new roof and the wife says if I can keep it inside. In the garage better. It will be about 20 feet up in the peak over the doors. any help would be great thanks. :)
Have a 60 inch Samsung Plasma. Great TV about a year old going to give it to my son for graduation. So I am looking at a 65 inch either a Samsung or Panasonic. I can't really see a reason to get a LED but I am open to the suggestion in my option the picture really is not as good. Don't need 3D but it's not a negative same with the smart TV aspect. Just not a deal breaker. 65 inch is about as big as I can go in my house and stay married. lol Thanks for any input. Connected to it I have a 7.2 sound system. Mounted on the wall. PS3 and Xbox360. Dish Network. And AV reciver is HDMI connected. Thanks again.
Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / OTA Fox 6 issues
Wednesday Jan 16, 2013, 07:53:13 PM
Has anybody else had a problems with FOX 6 OTA. Seems to get better at night but signal drops and just seems week. Is the only issue with 4,12,18,24,58,10,36. but 6 is not working is the transmit power lower? Did anything change that I am unaware of. Thanks?
Have a friend he found a Charter app for On demand billing and stuff. Is there a app for controlling the DVR like with Dish and Direct? from Iphone? Thanks
Milwaukee HDTV Equipment / No audio with Samsung RR HD Box?
Friday Nov 23, 2012, 05:49:39 PM
Have a friend who has RR. He uses a RR Samsung box no DVR. Has only a optical out on it. I ran the cable checked settings on his stereo unit and the cable box has anybody have any insight or is this a known issue. He will call for service he just wants to make sure it is not on his end. Has HDMI running to TV. Optical to stereo receiver.. Thanks
Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / TW DVR connection?
Saturday Oct 13, 2012, 03:40:34 PM
Have a friend has a TW DVR don't have model number but can get it. He ran a second output to down stairs TV. He used coax out on DVR. HDMI is going to main set. He said the coax is analog only? Is that true? Or should there be HD content run thru the coax out? Thanks

Cisco Explorer 8640HDC
Milwaukee HDTV Technical Issues / TW Samsung box no sound
Sunday Aug 19, 2012, 10:44:06 AM
Have a friend has a Samsung HD box no DVR. 50 inch plasma HD tv. Worked last night, this morning no sound. Connected thru HDMI. Have him doing a hard reset now unplug for 30 min. I think his box may have failed. Is this common? Sorry I have Satellite not familiar with cables equipment issues. Can't stop by him he's too far, he called TW, the service rep from India was no help. Thanks
Yard Sale / Selling AV receiver Onkyo TX-SR607
Saturday Mar 31, 2012, 02:34:52 PM
Receiver for sale asking 275.00 or BO. with in reason. Excellent  condition no signs of ware. Comes with Manual, receiver,remote, audio calibration tool. Ant. FM and AM that comes from manufacturer. Link to specs. Reason upgrading.


PM me if interested. Thanks:wave:
Currently have a Onkyo TX-SR607 7.2 Channel Home Theater Receiver. Works great. Has a few quirks but is a nice unit. Ant suggestions on something that may be a big or slight upgrade. Less money more better. Thanks Budda
MPEG2 Free-to-Air / Looking for HD OTA box
Wednesday Feb 22, 2012, 09:35:37 AM
Have a buddy has a HD ready tv , He is looking for a OTA top set box. Cheaper the better . Anybody have one or can point me in the right direction that would be great thanks.
Latest News / Dish to release Hopper.
Saturday Feb 11, 2012, 11:50:29 AM

Dish's answer to whole house DVR. Looks nice I have Dish am happy with my VIP722K's If the pricing is fair I may get this. Will wait for real user reviews, not just people talking it up. But really like the UI. And features 2 TB drive, 3 tuners, OTA to be added later. USB tuner I think. Peace
Deals and Steals / Nice Blueray burner
Sunday Jan 15, 2012, 11:38:09 AM

Change xxx to www ASUS Blueray player/burner DVD DL and so on complete drive 79.99 great price. Blueray media is still expensive  but prices will drop in time. FYI
Latest News / If you Have Dish Free sling Adapter!
Tuesday May 31, 2011, 05:50:59 PM
With a Sling Adapter purchase you may be eligible for a $99 online rebate after paying for your second month of service. To redeem go to DISHNetwork.com, and request your rebate between 45 and 75 days after installation. Your receiver must be connected to broadband Internet. You agree to allow DISH Network to send you e-mail regarding special offers and promotions

After logging to your online account, the you will see a link called "Get My Sling Adapter Reward" on the left side of the page. This link will take them to the rebate form.

Pay 99 dollars get a 99 dollars rebate. Get remote access app from  Android, Apple Blackberry and so on.

You can do it with on line chat or phone call. Peace
Latest News / A Few Dish Network perks.
Saturday May 21, 2011, 05:10:42 PM
If you don't already have Cinamax. If you call or on line chat free for 30 days and will stop after that time. No need to cancel. External Hard Drive for DVR's no longer have the 40.00 fee. It's free now. Starz free for one year. There is a free sling adapter for upgrades but, not sure on the details. Hope it helps somebody save money or enjoy some HD. :)