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Charter Does Not Have Whole House DVR!

Started by Jack 1000, Tuesday Jan 10, 2017, 04:45:52 am

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Jack 1000


Wanted to get this out there early enough.  Charter does not give out Whole House DVR's.  If your six-tuner box breaks and once TWC billing is gone, you will be forced to take a two-tuner box.  They are re-coding the six tuner boxes as two tuners.

Charter plans it's own World Box, which will reintroduce Whole House DVR, along with this box to be able to be used on multiple devices from TV's to computers, to tablets, to Smartphones.  The goal is to standardize the guide and lineup across all divisions so that "each device will be a TV."  Data will be stored in the cloud and Charter sees HD streaming technology and cloud-based storage, as the "New DVR."

This means, try to hold on to your six tuner boxes for as long as you can.  This is another reason why I hope the Spectrum billing transition is delayed.  Some divisions are allowing users to keep the six tuner boxes, when moving to a Spectrum Package, but a few are not at this time.

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