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TWC: Three Month FREE PREVIEW of Epix Movie Package Starts March 18th!

Started by Jack 1000, Friday Mar 14, 2014, 03:02:17 pm

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Jack 1000

A pretty big deal for TWC as this premium movie channel package will be FREE for three months for ALL TWC SYSTEMS NATIONWIDE, STARTING MARCH 18TH!  I found more information about it at DSL Reports, which is another cable forum that I frequent:


Channels 591-595 for TWC Wisconsin.

Additionally, Epix 1, 2, and 3 will be available in HD on the following stations:

Channels 1591-1594

Epix Drive-In will only be in SD on channel 595.

And this is Epix website:


Within that site, here is Epix's channel guide for movies and shows:


The preview automatically ends June 18th, 2014.  It is believed that the cost of the Epix package will be $10.00 a month after the preview, and it will be a stand-alone package for TWC Digital Subscribers.

ENJOY!  I have also created this topic for any questions or updated information about Epix.

Cisco 9865 DVR with Navigator Guide


I got a mailing about this the other day.  For TWC customers with no other streaming service, it could be an option.  For $10 a month though, the movie overlap with Netflix/Amazon doesn't make it something most people would even consider.  After a quick browse, I found *two* movies that I'd even be interested in watching that are not on either my Netflix or Amazon queues ("Pain & Gain" and "ST Into Darkness" for those dying to know ;)

I could be off base here and I'd be interested to see what sort of buzz this generates but I just don't see it being popular.  Six months of HBO would be cheaper than twelve of Epix and you'd have access to some fantastic programming that's not available anywhere else.


Over Christmas, I got a promotional code from TWC offering three months of free Showtime. I used the code, but with the 3 months about to run out, I haven't found much of anything on any of their networks that interest me.

I'm hoping that the three free months Epix offers me at least a bit more of interest, but I'm not holding my breath.

Oh, well. Free is free, I suppose.


Upon previewing what EPIX has, it looks like some nice noncommercial channels, but these are just like any of the other HBO, Showtime, etc channels, nothing new and I don't notice EPIX offering any series shows like HBO has True Blood, etc, nothing.
It is great though, to have more to watch and free (for now) with 4 more HD channels, especially since TWC has not added anymore HD premium channels in the lineup to match the SD ones not offered in HD in the HBO, etc. channels.