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High Def Disc Players Review

Started by gparris, Sunday Feb 18, 2007, 10:27:42 am

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Sunday Feb 18, 2007, 10:27:42 am Last Edit: Thursday May 16, 2013, 11:21:06 am by gparris
Blu-ray players:

Panasonic DMP-BDT230
No analogue 5.1/7.1 audio outputs
Drop down for SD card insert and USB
Excellent DVD playback and BD playback
Wi-Fi built in for access BD Live,  UTube, Pandora, Netflix etc
3D BD disc playback including 2D to 3D conversion
Good quality with high level of consumer satisfaction
Miracast for steaming content from smart phone or tablets to your bigger HDTV screen

Panasonic DMP-BDT330
Cons: No disc slot loading available vs. older model 320
Shiny appearance takes some getting used to.
Dual HDMI output, one for 3D HDTV video, second for AVR lossless decoding for legacy AVRs with HDMI 1.3 or under
4K upscaling and 3D playback including upscaling to 3D
WiFi internal for access to Netflix and other services
Miracast for steaming content from smart phone or tablets to your bigger HDTV screen
Internet browser built in
Easy to use remote

Sony PS3 and "Slim"
It is a game-player first, BD player second, may be different for HT folks not used to gaming consoles
Bluetooth remote optional, game controller maybe difficult  for some to use to play BD discs
Bluetooth-only remote operation not usable for Universal remotes that use IR only
PS4 is coming
Easy setup and fast response, 3D and other features constantly being added
Gaming as an added bonus

Sony BD-S5100
No external 5.1  or 7.1 analogue audio output jacks
Slim, lightweight design
WiFi built in
3D playback
Suggests new visual content
Allows streaming from smartphones and tablets

LG BP530
No 5.1/7.1 analogue audio outputs
3D playback
WiFi built in
Excellent DVD upscaling
Supports multiple playback formats
Has private sound mode for mobile phones

Samsung BD-F5900
No external 5.1  or 7.1 analogue audio output jacks
3D playback
WiFi built in
S-Recommendation for suggesting new entertainment
Easy setup

Samsung BD-F7500
Average build
No 7.1 audio outputs
3D playback
WiFi built in
Bonus: Has two HDMI outputs, one for your 3D HDTV input, other for your AVR to decode the lossless formats
Access to Netflix, HuluPlus and most other services
4K video upscaling
Rips CD to MP3 files with a USB storage device
On board browser

Gregg Lengling

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Sunday Feb 18, 2007, 12:12:13 pm #4 Last Edit: Sunday Feb 18, 2007, 12:15:00 pm by gparris
Added several other models to the original listing, including the LG player Combo player, which has had mixed reviews in avsforum.

It is currently available at Best Buy and Circuit City, among others.:D


There's also the 360 HD DVD addon, which is the cheapest option if you own a 360.



And the Toshiba HD-XA1, which is discontinued, but can be found online for around $400.



Added the last two items, thank you SRW1000 :wave:
(If there is any other "Con" to the HD-DVD addon to XBOX, let me know.)


For the 360 add on some cons are:
Analog output only (1080p over VGA if your TV supports it); rumored 360 v2 has HDMI
All audio is downconverted to DD5.1 (could be a positive if that's all your receiver can handle)

Otherwise picture is excellent and load times are fast.

Den Mayer

I have a pile of 1280 by 1520 CD JPEG digital photos..... (About 1 meg per pic)

  On my PC, JPEGS look nice;    on my SD DVD at 480i they look
      pretty bad as a slide show.

 Buy running this same CD JPEG slide show through an HDMI or DVI

   HD DVD or BluRay, will the JPEG CDS reveal a high quality HD picture????

   What's the cheapest way to upgrage the CD JPEG HD viewing??


The specs on the players do not reveal your format's playback, I could be wrong.

I would archive the data and transfer it to a HD-DVD recorder or Blu-ray burner, possibly on the new Sony VAIO computer if these are equipped that way by now.

Den Mayer

Correction on my HDTV CD slide Show JPEG Format................

   JPEG file size is ~ 1 MB       JPEG format is 2048 by 1536

  Question is how do I get HDTV picture Quality on this

    slide show CD data via a HD OR BluRay or ? player, IF possible??

   I will use DVI or HDMI cables.....



Quote from: gparris;37813Added the last two items, thank you SRW1000 :wave:
You're welcome.  I'm glad to see this thread.

If anyone sees any local deals on high definition players, can they be posted here?  I really want to get one, but my wife and I have settled on a limit of $250.

That only leaves the Xbox add on, but I'm not sure I'd be happy with the audio.

We're at the beginning of a very exciting time, especially since NetFlix and Blockbuster rent out high-def versions at no added cost.



This thread was made a sticky, not a discussion thread, it is primarily as an information thread for high def players-only.

You can link back to this thread when shopping or comparing player types and availablity at your favourite stores.

Discussion about formats, discounts and the like should be in new thread(s), thank you.