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CBS58 vs. DirectTV

Started by madsdad, Tuesday Oct 16, 2007, 08:47:04 pm

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I live in Kenosha and am a DIRECTV subscriber.  Channel 58 is not part of DirectTV HD programming.  Why?  I am sure someone here can tell me and would appreciate it.  But what I would appreciate more is talking to the person within the CBS 58 organization is responsible for denying ALL requests for FCC waivers for ANY reason.

By this I mean since I can get CBS 58 over the air, as well as CBS 2 from Chicago in OTA High Def, but wanted to not have to set up an antenna, I can request an FCC waiver through DIRECTV to the local affiliate and then the local affiliate must approve it.  If they do then DIRECTV can provide me with an alternate CBS in High Def.    But as I said CBS 58 will not approve the waiver.  

In another related matter can someone explain to me why if I was to subscribe to Time Warner cable TV in Kenosha I could obtain standard definition affiliates from both Milwaukee and Chicago?  But DIRECTV can not offer me this.  I can only get Milwaukee locals.  Oh and by the way after I figure out why channel 58 won't sign off on the waiver  I also have to find out why channel 2 in Chicago must wave it as well.

Thanks in advance




Tuesday Oct 16, 2007, 09:09:49 pm #1 Last Edit: Tuesday Oct 16, 2007, 09:13:48 pm by gparris
CBS58HD doesn't want to work out an agreement with Directv for carriage along with the ABC, NBC and FOX affiliates in Milwaukee that DO from what I understand:
My guess is that CBS58 thinks it is "special" (or something).:rolleyes:

We don't get CW18HD either, nor PBSHD, but CWHD is more important to some than others for network programming (like me) and when Directv11 goes up, there will be more capacity than ever for HD locals, so this contract agreement thing will happen once again and CBS58HD will have to bend, hopefully.

Note that there are even newer model H21 and HR21 Directv boxes out there than do not even offer OTA integration,
so Directv must be planning on eventually offering every HD channel that is available.
As for me, I live on a hill surrounded by houses in Pleasant Prairie, so OTA presents a problem and the Chicagoland stations on Directv would be perfect.

TWC has a grandfather clause for Kenosha County to be able to offer the analogue-only Chicago stations;
once they go dark in 2009, all that will left is digital stations and this clause will evaporate.

Now, if only Directv and the federal government allowed Kenosha County residences a blanket waiver altogether (or made the county part of the Chicago DMA) since we are at times, more Chicagolanders than Milwaukeeans to begin with,  what with all of the newbies from Lake and Cook County, Illinois moving here.


Channel 58 was also the last local station to come to an agreement when DTV started offering SD locals a few years back.

You would think a struggling station would do whatever they could to reach a deal but the high school a/v kids who run that place (Weigel) have been pretty much clueless since they've been on the air.

With all the other choices out there, especially in HD I simply don't bother ever watching them.  And when they carry a football game I want to watch like last Sundays Cowgirls/Cheetahs game I just watch the Sunday Ticket feed.  My eyeballs will never view a Channel 58 commercial.


There must be someone new looking through these waivers, I was able to get mine passed.  I am hooked into the New York Ch 80 feed.  I have the OTA feed as well, but if I was unable to get it, I think I would just pass it by.  There is not much of interest to me on there anyway....



How recently were you granted a waiver?  Was if from Chicago (WBBN) or Milwaukee (WDJT).  I went aroind and around with them about 9 months ago and was denied by both.  I live in Pleasant Prairie (Kenosha).

I simply indicated to the station manager at WDJT that all three viewers in my household would boycott 58, and we have.  Short of CBS getting the Super Bowl back or some other equally as enticing an event, I don't plant to view.



Common, in Kenosha with ChannelMaster 4228 unless in the forest area, there is no big deal to get Milwaukee and Chicago OTA.
I get it in Muskego with antenna in the attic.
Just spend $40 at Marmax and you are set for years, maybe for life:D


I got my waiver around the beginning of last years football season....from CBS58.  I wanted to catch some of the games on the east coast.  With Fox and CBS on the east coast, it is usually around three extra games a week that I can get without Sunday Ticket.

Tom Snyder

I'm thinking you're lucky that Jim Hall flunked geography. He gave you a waiver, but he refused mine, and you're only 3 miles further away from the 58 tower than I am.:rolleyes:
Tom Snyder
Administrator and Webmaster for milwaukeehdtv.org


I thought one was only eligible for a waiver if you could not receive satisfactory reception of an SD signal. I don't think waivers have anything to do with HD. Although, I would think if you can receive the SD signal you could also receive the HD OTA.


I have had a waiver for over 2 years. I am in West Bend, I could not get  58 OTA at the time I requested the waiver. Now OTA works fine, but I still get 80. At first I had channels 80 and 81, but they took 81 away. I still get 380 and 381. Shows up $2.25 on my bill. Between channels 6,58,80,88 it can almost be like having SUnday Ticket.


$2.25 Fee? I have a waiver for Fox and get channel 88 but there is no fee, although I would pay $2.25 to get CBS in HD from the sat.


This is what my bill looks like
10/10   11/09   TOTAL CHOICE PLUS Monthly     51.99  
10/10   11/09   HD Access Monthly     9.99  
10/10   11/09   Network: CBS HD Monthly     0.00  
10/10   11/09   Network: FOX HD Monthly     0.00  
10/10   11/09   Network: CBS from NYC/LA Monthly     2.25  
10/10   11/09   DIRECTV DVR Service Monthly     5.99


I e-mailed Ch. 58 today to find out what, if anything, is going on. I was polite and respectful just asking for an update.

This is what they came back with:

"Directv and our corporate office have been in negotiations on and off for some time now.
We hope a resolution is forthcoming, however, we have not been given a timeline."


I agree with you COMET on the Sunday Ticket comment, but I do not have that 2.25 charge on my bill.  I wonder why FOX does not have a charge?  Is that charge dictated by our local CBS?


Quote from: brewguru;42136I e-mailed Ch. 58 today to find out what, if anything, is going on. I was polite and respectful just asking for an update.

This is what they came back with:

"Directv and our corporate office have been in negotiations on and off for some time now.
We hope a resolution is forthcoming, however, we have not been given a timeline."

The last time I emailed them it took a week for a response.  

I haven't watched a show on 58 in a long time.  I watched the Pats/Colts game yesterday on the Sunday Ticket channel :)