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Fox Sports HD Feeds

Started by Malamute, Monday Jun 07, 2004, 06:50:31 pm

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It's been awhile since I last posted but you know how it goes.

But this past week I found two FoxHD feed channels up and running they are hit & miss and some ITC & some encrypted to me but was OK.

They are on  Galaxy 11   91.oW  tp4
& Satcom C3  131.oW  tp11.  

But I have ordered the Integra IT 912S  FTA/OTA (ATSC) receiver it should be hear sometime this week or the next,  I will post how good or bad it is.

PS  Todd, did you get your system back up and running yet?


Todd Wiedemann

I did. Then, we had those two weeks of storms and knocked it back out.

How are you getting HD content again ??

I've had my system since Christmas and when I go to an HD source, it locks the box up ?!?


Todd,  mine dosen't lock up on me.  Maybe you need to check the firmware and get an update for it?  

For this week yet I have it though the STB ATSC unit, but when the new comes this week (I HOPE?:confused: )  and I'll let you and everybody esle  how it works.  

It took me some time to find the right web site to get the right download to update my coship rec. and to keep it updated.

Yea, the storms did move my dish out of sync but I bought off ebay was one of those sat finders,  boy did that work quick & easy.  Worth the price I paid for it.  The Accutrack 22 kit is what I bought.



Hi Malamute

Did you order it through hdtvmax, or were you able to find someone else?  I'm really interested to know how the OTA side of that receiver works for you.  Because for the price I last check on it, thats a really good deal.  I havn't been to hdtvmax's web site for awhile or Integra's for that fact.  Have they upgraded that receiver to DiSEqC 1.2 or USALS?  Or do you plan to slave it to your coship?  I'm looking to get a stand alone STB and side line my Hauppauge card and only use it for recording.  If I get that receiver then that will motivate me enough to get a ku-band dish, which I've been doing more talk about than anything else.  Can't wait till you get it and give us a review.;)