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Wednesday May 18, 2022, 03:14:05 am


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Where can I get rid of a 32" tube TV ?

Started by Ralph Kramden, Sunday Nov 27, 2016, 05:26:54 pm

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Ralph Kramden

Other than Craigslist. I think Best Buy only recycles sets up to 27".

It's in excellent condition, but we just don't use it.



I had this issue once.  9 years ago, my 32" tube went on the fritz, and I had a repair man visit.  He said he could fix it, but asked if I really wanted to invest or buy my first HDTV.

I said the same things you did .. who will take this?  Craigslist, maybe for free?  He said "I'll take it."    Great, off you go.

My wife came home and asked where the TV was.  "It's at Best Buy, in a box waiting for us to buy it."

As for your issue .. it's hard to find places that accept eWaste.  Our community does host a recycling day in April, and we end up with dozens of old TV sets.

Ralph Kramden

Thanks. I will call our village and see what I can find out.

If anyone wants it let me know. I have a digital converter box also, you can have.


Assuming your location field is correct, Waukesha County has been doing monthly electronics recycling events (in lieu of accepting them at the recycling centers as they used to do).

The dates for these events are listed on the Waukesha County Recycles page:

In fact, according to that page, there's an event in Oconomowoc on December 10 at 630 S. Worthington St.

There's a $20 fee for each TV recycled (any size). (I assume they mean specifically CRT TVs, although it doesn't say that.) Looks like it goes up to $25 next year.

Oh, and any Waukesha County resident can drop stuff off at any of the events; they don't need to wait for one in their community.

Ralph Kramden