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Search Listings Missing For Laff and Cozi TV in Metro Milwaukee Area (Box and Online)

Started by Jack 1000, Monday Jun 13, 2016, 12:52:33 AM

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Jack 1000


For the last week or so in the Milwaukee Wisconsin division, program searches for shows on both Laff TV and Cozi TV do not show up either online or on the cable box search system.  These are Channels 990 and 991 in the Milwaukee area.  Listings for these stations only appear in the Time Grid for both the guide and the box.  

Note that I have not yet rebooted the box as the box and TV is behind a cabinet and it is near impossible for me to get back there to do that. This issue affects BOTH the cable box and On Line listings.  No other box problems or  issues with the online, or cable box guides.  For reference, the box is the Arris-3510-M.

Cisco 9865 DVR with Navigator Guide