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Roof antenna installers a lost art?

Started by MrProster, Thursday May 08, 2014, 03:05:40 AM

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This is boggling to me. We recently purchased the Channel Master dvr+ with the hopes of getting rid of Dish network (and the $1,100 a year we pay them) and want to go with only free OTA channels. I purchased the CM Smartantenna hoping to draw in more channels but using it indoors (also tried it outside on edge of luck) it was limited. Mainly want to get Weathernation 68.1 and WWRS (TBN) out of Mayville (43 miles to our NNW) For optimum signal strength and the highest number of channels we can get , we are trying to find a good roof antenna installer. One guy came out Monday(Ed Frawley...found on Angie's List) and said he can't do it because he doesn't own a scaling ladder to go on our 45 degree angle(normal) garage roof. A "professional" antenna installer without the correct ladder? VERY odd. We intend to utilize the current Dish cabling running underground from the garage to our house (about 75 feet)  Another guy replied (Larry from Kemmer tv..also found on Angie's List) said he doesn't climb on roofs anymore. WHAT THE HECK? I guess they don't like making money. Another company never replied. :bang::bang::bang:
 My question is , do any of you know of a good local roof antenna installer? We are sick of paying for all those Dish  channels of which we watch maybe 20 of them. We are willing to pay up to $300 to purchase and install and decent ufh/vhf antenna on our garage roof. Or possibly the roof of house. Thanks for any info!

Ralph Kramden

I had the same problem about 6 years ago. No one wanted to do it, so my son and I did it. Luckily, we didn't need to get on the roof. We have a pergola over our deck with 4 X 4 corner posts. We mounted the antenna on top of a telescopic pole on the side of a 4 X 4. I couldn't even get anyone to come to the house to take a look.


Jimboy ,  Larry from Kemmer is the last one to contact me. He has apparently grown afraid of heights. His loss. :huh?:


Quote from: MrProster;59941Jimboy ,  Larry from Kemmer is the last one to contact me. He has apparently grown afraid of heights. His loss. :huh?:

Yea...just caught that after re-reading. At one time they were too busy to get to the phone.....

Or talk to Brad at //


Thanks Jimboy. Actually , late yesterday ,Pure Sound and Vision out of Franklin contacted me. He's going to come out and do an assessment of what time of antenna I need and where to install.