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3D HDTV...worth it?

Started by dickalp, Friday Sep 07, 2012, 10:09:36 am

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I am getting a new HDTV and was looking at 3D with a Vizio set.  I have AT&T Uverse.  Is it worth it to pay extra for 3D?  Will I have to pay more to view 3D programs?  Or should I just wait on the 3D for awhile??


3D is almost dead. Directv  used to have 3 channels of 3D. Now One of them is part time and one I think was discontinued. Just get a HD tv or wait for for 4K HD tv , you could get a 84 inch Sony for just $25,000.00:)

Ralph Kramden

I wouldn't pay an extra penny for 3D. It's going to be a big flop again.


No interest in 3D here either.  I haven't even gone to see a 3D movie in the theaters...just been catching the cheaper 2D editions a few weeks later.
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Gregg Lengling

Not much 3D being offered by providers, ATT had ESPN 3D but due to lack of demand it was removed.  So there are really no  channels with 3D.  However there are a number of On-Demand Movies that are supplied in 3D on Uverse.
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