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Chicago channels from Muskego!

Started by MrProster, Friday Jul 17, 2015, 07:08:59 am

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Just wanted to share my recent success in picking up Chicago stations which are 74 miles to our South/Southeast from our home on the SE side of Muskego. A week ago ,I  Installed indoor/outdoor Channel Master Smartenna with an rca preamp to aid bringing in weaker stations. Now, this antenna is only rated at 50 miles and only 15 feet above ground , but the preamp helps...just a little. As I type this I am watching channel 50.4 Buzzr tv out of Gary Indiana. Their tower is actually in downtown chicago, 75 miles from us. But also, was getting Fox 17 out of Grand Rapids Michigan and WNDU ch 16.1 out of South Bend Indiana...130 miles away as the crow flies! I love trying to draw in free tv stations :rof: Can also get WFLD Fox 32 from Chicago. This morning I did a manual re-scan on our Channel Master DVR+ and was able to draw in WMAQ (very weak) , WLS (strong) and WGN (strong) Now , I know I won't always get these channels , seems to be more stable early in the morning and in the evening. I'm sure in winter it'll be even better  with longer nights and no leaves on our maple tree to the south. But I'm very happy to get what I can, Especially Buzzr tv which I'm still waiting for a Milwaukee channel to pick up. {cheers}