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I need a new water softener

Started by Ralph Kramden, Tuesday Jan 02, 2018, 12:51:34 am

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Ralph Kramden

I need a new softener to replace our 19 year old Culligan unit. I'm thinking of a GE, which is highly rated on Hone Depot's website.

Does anyone have a specific recommendation?



I bought one online in 2003 that's still going.  GE/Osmonics head with 1" in/out.  I would look for ...

-Metered, and sized accurately so you have the right amount of resin, and cycle often enough but not excessively. 
-Separate brine & resin tanks.   I like to empty & clean the salt tank without taking the softener out of service. 
-Separate tanks, so it's also relatively simple to replace the resin, and the control head is less exposed to salt corrosion. 
-Solar salt rather than mined pellets, to reduce caking. 
-Salt platform, to prevent bridging

I've seen newer heads that have these features I would like:
1.  A "recharge tonight" button.  I can set mine manually, but not time-delayed.
2.  An indicator showing me how many days since last regeneration, how many gallons metered since then, etc.  I can get some of this from my head's diagnostics, but it requires moving jumper pins and pressing buttons.