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Dish 921 price drop to $549

Started by jkane, Friday Nov 05, 2004, 08:42:56 am

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That puts it in a much better price range.  This is a 2 tuner HD (including OTA) and SD recorder!  I'm starting to drool finally.  (I don't see a silly emoticon that drools.)  I could record both the SD and the HD signal of the same show at the same time.   :cool:

Anyhow, any early adopters here?  How does it work with 1-1 (58)?  Hope it's not as troublesome as the 811 was/is.  Then again, until 58 (and 6) get a decent signal going my way (Thiensville) it's not really an issue.  :rolleyes:

Once UPN gets HD up, recording Enterprise will be a must.  I really don't watch any live TV anymore (I even record the morning news so I can fast forward to interesting stuff), so watching HD has fallen off my viewing preferences lately.  This device will finally bring it back!


umm.. holy crap.. I mean it kind of really sucks compared to the tivo, but $550 to record sat and OTA HD.. more power to you.. I know if I had dish I would be jumping on it.