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Integra it912s

Started by tazman, Wednesday Jul 14, 2004, 08:39:20 pm

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Hey Malamute buddy.  I gotter today.  As far as multicasts go, try rescanning.  I got every multi cast without a single glitch.  Neadless to say WOWSERS.  I aslo got my order from Sadoun as well.  Unfortunately the dish is damaged.  I contacted Sadoun and explained that the FedEx guy dragged it behind his truck all the way from Ohio.  They will be sending me a new reflector ASAP.  A big thumbs up to Sadoun!:D


Does anyone know if the Integra or other FTA boxes can decode 4:2:2 mpeg2 compression?

I have only played with a cheap satcruiser.  This and professional IRDs.  The satcruiser has its place for the money, but is missing out on a lot of programming using 4:2:2.



I looked through the user manual and that did not state anything specific.  If you go to http://www.integra.co.kr/  they have a PDF doc. that has the specs listed for that receiver.  Here is part of it.

INTEGRA IT912 Series Specifications hdtv Friday, August 22, 2003
Integra Telecom Co. Ltd. Confidential 2
SD(Standard Definition) & HD(High Definition) Consumer Receiver
ATSC and DVB Service Compliant ¶
Closed Caption and DVB Teletext ¶
8-VSB/QPSK/QAM Annex.B/OFDM Demodulation ¶
Analog Terrestrial and Cable(STD/HRC/IRC) ¶
Digital RGB Video(DVI) without distortion
DiSEqC 1.0 for Multiple Dish ¶
Progressive Video Scaler, DCDi powered by FAROUDJA
Supports 60Hz(NTSC)/50Hz(PAL) Display ¶
Electronic Program Guide Navigation
Parental Lock and Rating Control for North America ¶
Graphic User Menu(OSD)
32bit RISC CPU
MPEG-2 Demultiplexing Up to 60Mbps filters 32 PIDs simultaneously.
'¶' mark means the feature may be different with each product.

I'm not sure how MP@ML/MP@HL relates to 4:2:0 and 4:2:2.  All I know is that 420 and 422 have something to do with the amount of crominence and luminence in the video signal.

Hope this helps


thanks, Tazman.

The MP@ML and MP@HL are terms used to describe the format.  It would say:  MP4:2:2@ML or something similar for 4:2:2.  ML stands for SD, HL for HD.  

And you are right about them dealing with the amount of chrominance and luminance.

4:2:2 has twice the chroma resolution per vertical line



Monday Aug 09, 2004, 11:04:12 am #4 Last Edit: Monday Aug 09, 2004, 11:24:44 am by tazman
Hey Andy, check this thread out.  http://forums.satforums.com/SatForumMaster/index.php?msg=8710.1   You will need to scroll down the left hand column till you find the heading 4:2:2 & Commercial.   The first thread even though it is several months old gives us here at MKE HDTV forums a little more heads up with what is going on at FOX from a technical stand point.  I know that it's something that I personaly havn't seen posted by Gregg on the Latest News thread.  From what I've read in those discussions in the other threads under that heading,  it dosn't look like your gonna find 4:2:2 on anything under $2500 or so.  So whether the Integra receiver or any of the others in our price affordability range have it,  I would have to say no.:)

Although...... I also read on there about the PCI computer based SAT cards being able to decode 4:2:2.  Now if I only new where to find a feed in 4:2:2, I could test that out.  They say from what I've read that all the decoders for the PCI cards are software based and the STB's are hardware based.  That probably explains the big price jump for receivers that have it.  They also say for the PCI cards that you need a computer with some real (you know what's:blush: ):D


As for digital feeds using 4:2:2

I'll be broadcasting from the PGA in Kohler from noon until six through sunday.  Unfortunately, it is C-Band up to PAS 3 and then it crosses over within the satellite to KU-Band and only received in Europe.

I still believe that NBC uses 4:2:2 in the clear on AMC 1 for all their broadcast feeds.  Their symbol rate is 27.? (I forget at the moment.)  They carry 4 feeds per transponder.

I have found that with a satcruiser, if it locks up to a signal and gives the service name, but ugly garbled picture, that it is 4:2:2 or HD.

Thanks for the forum web address.