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We're on the Lower East Side in an old Victorian, and for the past few years we've just had a cheap flat antenna on the first floor behind the TV, which mostly worked fine. However, we would inevitably get glitches during sports games, so I decided to move it up into our (third floor) attic:

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That's a good 11' off of the attic floor, or around 35'-40' off the ground. Other than the lead coming from the antenna (maybe 6'), it's RG-6 tri-shield all the way to the TiVo. As far as I can tell, other than some trees down the street, there's nothing between here and the WITI tower. I think the other towers are just hidden behind the apartment building down the street, but I'm not 100% certain.

At any rate, the signal strength meter on the TiVo reports 100% solid for WITI, with zero fluctuation. WDJT is also around 99-100, while the other local channels are generally somewhere between 90-98.

And yet, today WITI was freezing for a split second every couple of minutes. Not long enough for the picture to entirely break up, but enough to cause a glitch in the audio and a slight stutter to the video.

The question is: why? Signal strength clearly isn't an issue. Nor does it seem that cars or people should be an issue. Is there any way to methodically troubleshoot this? I have the antenna oriented about halfway between the WDJT and WITI towers, and it's nearly as close to the front of the house as it can get (it was previously 2 rafters to the right/east, but moving it didn't seem to help). I have no problem getting a better antenna (perhaps a CM-4220HD?), but I question how much that would really help (it certainly seems like overkill).

Unfortunately putting an antenna outside really isn't feasible.

The towers range from 2.25 miles for WITI to 4.15 miles for WDJT:

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Any ideas?