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What's new on the Stand Alone PVR front?

Started by jkane, Thursday Jan 20, 2005, 12:41:04 pm

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It's time to start picking out the HD PRV I am going to buy.  I've got $550 sitting there screaming at me to spend it.   :)   I was wondering what's the latest for Stand Alone models?

I am a DiSH network customer, and am very close to buying a Dish 921 unless someone convinces me there is a better option in a Stand Alone one.  Since there is very little Dish HD programming, I suspect most of what I get will be locals anyhow.

On the other hand ... with Voom up in the air, I'm trying to out guess what's happening next!  And with the 921 going out and the 922 coming in ... well, it's hard to ever be sure which technology to buy.  If Dish buys out Vooms capacity, then that will make the investment well worth it.   :confused:

If anyone is using a 921 and wants to comment, I welcome real world experiences.

BTW:  I am a long, long, long time customer of DiSH.  I am only too familiar with their beta testing model.  Install it on the hardware for the customer and see how much they complain.  I understand the risks only too well!  I don't want to end up with a boat anchor like the Dishplayer, but am willing to put up with a "will work in a few more months" model like the 2000 and 501 were.  (They fixed most of the 501 problems, but not the Dishplayer ones.)