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Bitting the bullet

Started by tazman, Friday Jul 09, 2004, 03:18:51 pm

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Tazman. I didn't get that reply, but maybe i don't have it setup right and will check it out this weekend.  I live just on the edge of the grade B signal area for milwaukee, I live closer to Madison so I get them better.(More signal strength)

The Law ::  just for your info I know of three web sites that you can buy the hardware and download the software to TEST with!
I goto them to read there news updates.  If you have a Blackbird or a Silverbullet they tell and help you when they get hit buy a ECM and get then back up & running. FYI

The other thing you can do it find a "Satellite TV Broker" and set up a BEV/Star Choice for us here, and Dish/Direct for those who live in Canada acount.  I know of two places to go and set up an acount.

But I will NOT post them here or PM them for anybody, you need to find them yourself.

I said it when I first join the list that this system is not for eveybody but if you have the time to play then its for you.



Hi Malamute.  Maybe you just need to rescan the OTA's or something like that.  I went and subscribed to the http://forums.satforums.com/SatForumMaster/start/login.php  forums.  Under their MPEG2-DVB section, they have a thread specificaly for the Integra receiver.  I possed the question about multi casts there.  I got about 6 replies and everyone said they had no problem what so ever.  Matter of fact one person I believe stated he was in Greenbay and was getting the multi casts of our PBS channel 8.1 to 8.6 .  I got part of my order yesterday from smallear, the cable and a cd that I believe has updates on it for the receiver.  I didn't look to see what was on the CD yet.  It had hand written on it  it912s.  Sadoun sent a shipping confirmation, and I should have that stuff on Wednsday.  I am also going to order the TwinHan card for my HTPC and a motor for the dish.  I found where I can get the card cheaper than buying the seperate motor controller.  So I'll do like you do and slave the Integra to another receiver.

On another note.  Last fall were you able to get any of the FOX sports network feeds that carried the Packers with your FTA setup?  If so, are they HD.

In another thread I think Gregg let the cat out of the bag as to when FOX 6 is going to be fully operational as far as OTA digital is concerned.:(


tazman,  I did a rescan and got the problem with the multi cast channels fixed.    Was up north over the fourth and family lives up there and they switch to dish network and there old c band system now sits idel.  we'll  it's mine now so next month i'll put up the used 12ft dish let ya know what comes in with it:D


Hey that sounds GREAT Malamute.  I had a couple of leads on some free C-band dishes also, but at the end of the day I just don't have a suitable place to install one ... DARN!

I decided to get the Twinhan card for my HTPC for moving the dish.  Works great except for the AC3 audio from AMC-3.  As it turns out that appears to be only a problem with the bundled software.  The Hans DVBapps and another program are supposed to work just fine.  Otherwise I got a SG2100 motor for the dish and am using the USALS's of the Twinhan card to drive it.  Even though they have an AC3 audio problem at present with the VisionPlus software, everything else works great.  I am able to do recording to the hard drive, time shifting like a TiVo box  and so on.  Since I display the Win XP desktop of my HTPC at 1280x720p, the Twinhan card passes through whatever resolution the signal is that I'm getting.  The HD from the card from AMC-3 looks just as good as the HD from the Integra.

I also want to try the Hans software and that other one, so as to see if they have BLIND search capabilities.  A much quicker way of finding those wild feeds.

I do have one question for you.  A couple of posts back you mentioned getting the FX channel when you were telling me what was on the various satellites I might be interested in.  Do you presently have a C-band setup? because I am not able to find it on the Ku-band.:)


      those channels are found on Galaxy 11 91.oW but right now they are encrypted.   Yea I can't wait to get the BUD up and working to pull in more signal strengh.  You must remember that unless its a DBS satellite which are HIGH POWER most of the other satellites are Low to Medium power.  That is why bigger is better:D  size dish.  
       Any dish that is smaller than 1m may not pick up enough signal for you.  The lnb that I have is a feedhorn for both C & Ku like you see on a BUD system.  I bought all my stuff off ebay and were I work, I work with steel and strenghtin'd the arm of the old primestar dish to handle the weight of the bigger feedhorn.  I made the stuff myself.
      My dish has worked OK for a long time but signal was always been a little week from the C band transponders.  Remember that they are  like 4Ghz to digital is 11 - 13 Ghz bandwidth.
       That is why the dishes were so big for C-Band owners and they got the name BUD ( Big Ugly Dish ).   But signal strenght is also a factor with direct & echostar, not enough signal and it goes out or the picture gets fuzzy.
       I like to tinker with stuff and making things work when they not really look good  or supposed too.  My personal advice for you is to get a least a 1.2m to 1.6m size dish or a 6 - 7 foot C-Band dish.



I got ESPN saturday night from about 9pm to 1am.  They had X-games classics on and monster truck and tractor pulls.  I found out from a friend at work that the truck and tractor pulls didn't actually air untill sunday afternoon on Directv.  I found that on AMC-1.  They also had the BASS masters finnaly on there as well.  Also caught the HomeLandSecurity news conference on there as well just after lunch.  It's kinda interesting and amusing as to how they set these things up and get going before they are actualy formaly on the air.  If those reporters only new that there was a live mike and people are listening to them talk about what they did the night before.:D