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Latest News / Re: Post Rescan Changes
Friday Oct 18, 2019, 05:21:44 am
One change I notice is a gain (albeit slight) in signal strength. My HdHomerun is getting between 8-16% boost in signal strength according to the setup program (Linux based) for most of the channels. The only channels that showed a drop were 18 and 24 and the drop is less than 10% from before and the channel(s) still locks in without any drops.

I can now pull 41 and 49 in where before they were both a "now you see them, now you don't" kind of thing.

I will check later today after the sun is up and high in the sky and if anything changes I will update.

But so far, so good....
The stations must have been really busy overnight since all the old channels were not there when I got up this morning.

Yes, I am an early riser....

I will post my results of new channels, improved signal strength, etc. in the other thread about the channel repack.

But so far, so good.
Has anyone heard what time on the 18th the channels will switch?

IE: Witi at 7am, TMJ at noon, etc.

Or should I just tell the wife to stay on Netflix til I get home from work? ;-)