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Tivo Series 3 HD - Antenna cannot get PBS (Ch 10 and 36)

Started by Tivoman44, Saturday Sep 19, 2020, 08:39:42 AM

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About 3 months ago I noticed that my Series 3 HD cannot receive PBS via antenna.  I checked two other TVs connected to the same antenna, channel 10 and 36 (and all sub channels) come in perfectly. 

I have done about four different channel rescans on my Tivo.  Nothing.  I thought maybe the Tivo found a "new" channel 10-1, etc, where I'd have to add that to my channel list, nothing.  I remember that happening in 2018 with the reband, it found two 4-1 ,6-1, etc. 

I realize it's old, but what is going on?  Does the tower have a newer ATSC frequency that the Tivo cannot pick up? 


10 & 36 are still on VHF RF-8. No changes were made since January 2018.


Thank you for the response.

I wonder if I need a preamp.  My attic antenna works perfectly for all other channels, and it works with Ch 10 on all other TVs.  However historically Ch 10 came in the weakest.  When I'd watch a recorded program on Ch 10 it would pixelate the most out of any other channel.

I think I used an old 8 way splitter in my attic.  Maybe use a four way instead and a preamp to see if that changes anything.

I also did the signal meter test on the Tivo, Ch 10 lingered between 0 and 33, whereas all of the other channels were 90 to 99



As far as I can tell it looks like a UHF only.  Antennas Direct Clearstream 2

I attached the instruction manual.  I still have the box, it says optimized for UHF DTV frequencies.  So that answers my question, however why did I used to get Ch 10?  And like I said, Ch 10 came in the worst out of all channels when I did get it.  All others I get 99% of the time, most of the time it's when there is a lot of lightning that I get pix-elation. 


Some UHF only antennas are pretty good at receiving the upper VHF band. The available signal to noise won't be as good as an actual VHF antenna though. Lightning will affect the VHF band more-so then UHF, especially if your receiving a poor signal to begin with. What is your rough location?


Greenfield.  43rd and Howard.  Attic in roof faces north.  Roof is a single layer of gag shingles. 

That Makes sense about still being able to receive some VHF......and Tivo has a reputation of not having the best tuners in them....so the tuners inside the TVs are probably better in receiving them.


Mystery solved.  I had to go behind my TV last week and move some things around.  I noticed the Coax cable from the wall to my Tivo was bend and the part that screws into the connection seemed loose.  I took that cable out and put a newer RG6 in. 

Picture perfect.  Thanks for everyones help.