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Post Rescan Changes

Started by techguy1975, Wednesday Oct 16, 2019, 09:43:04 PM

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Once the re-pack is done on the 18th,  post any changes you've seen here.  Channels you used to have but lost, increases/decreases in signal strength etc


One change I notice is a gain (albeit slight) in signal strength. My HdHomerun is getting between 8-16% boost in signal strength according to the setup program (Linux based) for most of the channels. The only channels that showed a drop were 18 and 24 and the drop is less than 10% from before and the channel(s) still locks in without any drops.

I can now pull 41 and 49 in where before they were both a "now you see them, now you don't" kind of thing.

I will check later today after the sun is up and high in the sky and if anything changes I will update.

But so far, so good....


I live in the Town of Ottawa in western Waukesha County and have a rooftop antenna.  There is a hill east of me covered with trees so I've never had line-of-sight for Milwaukee TV signals.  As a result, I've always had random signal issues, particularly August through November for whatever reason that are mostly resolved by tweaking the direction and height of the antenna.  I have not noticed any positive or negative changes after the repack.