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TWC/Charter Conversion June 21 For All Digital Networking (Box or Converter Needed)

Started by Jack 1000, Monday Jun 13, 2016, 05:02:56 PM

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Quote from: klwillis45;60301Maybe it will happen sooner. I saw a Spectrum truck driving around in Brown Deer yesterday.

That's interesting! Thanks for letting us know. :) Maybe it will happen by the end of the year or very early next year?


From what I'm hearing they are planning to switch over the Southeast Wisconsin area in February but I would not be surprised if that date comes and goes without a change given the issues they are apparently having with the conversions. I wouldn't be shocked for it to be pushed back to the Spring or Summer.

Jack 1000


As long as my TWC stuff works reliably, and we have good service, which has been the case for us going back decades.  TWC can be TWC, Spectrum, Charter/Spectrum, whatever.

I would rather have them go slow and gradual for a smooth transition, rather than go fast and mess up many things.  There have been issues in California, Texas, and a few other recently converted Spectrum markets,  Being closer to last than first has its advantages, because it allows for bugs to get worked out of the system, and for personnel to be better trained to deal with transition issues.

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I agree completely. I am perfectly happy with my TWC service and set up and I am a little apprehensive about change bringing about problems...