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Charter to buy Time Warner Cable

Started by gparris, Monday May 25, 2015, 06:46:15 PM

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Com cast lost but that didn't mean the party ended. Plan B was to try to some other player buy TWC. Let's see how fast this happens. How much worse is Charter than TWC?:bang:

Jack 1000

Quote from: gparris;60135Com cast lost but that didn't mean the party ended. Plan B was to try to some other player buy TWC. Let's see how fast this happens. How much worse is Charter than TWC?:bang:

Through the grapevine,

The plan is to consolidate the services of TWC/Brighthouse/Charter

1.) If the merger is approved by Congress and the Justice Department, the company will be called "New Charter."

2.) Charter plans to use Bright House Networks customer service plans and policies, which has the best record of the three.

3.) Charter's cheapest Internet is faster than TWC.  But I think Charter has only a two-tiered option.  We will see what happens here.

4.) The Guide (The Navigator name was actually dropped a few years ago) would be called "Spectrum." (The name for Charter's Cloud-Based Guide and Technologies.)

5.) Tom Rutledge , President and CEO of Charter will run the new merged company.

6.) Don't expect any major changes for several years in terms of billing or pricing structures.

7.) I also remember reading that Mr. Rutledge wanted this consolidation, because of the Whole House DVR concept.  Charter Spectrum does not currently have that.

8.) Charter has been developing the Spectrum Guide to work on boxes from the older SA models to the newer Cisco and Motorola units.

9.) A downside is that Charter has been known to hold older boxes in circulation even more than TWC.  Hopefully that will change.

10.) A lot of areas that are Charter use the modern version of the Passport Software,  Some are I-Guide.  There might be some SARA markets, not sure.  They may just convert Navigator to their Spectrum services.  There are many older Motorola boxes in TWC markets that need updating.

( Over the years and months, the above is a summery of stuff I found on-line.  Just found out about the "New Charter" name and the "Spectrum" name for TWC today. And that Mr. Rutledge will be the CEO if the merger is approved by regulators.)

Cisco 9865 DVR with Navigator Guide


The Stop Mega Cable Coalition is speaking up and speaking out loudly against the proposed merger:

Here is their website which lays out the reasons they are against the merger:


Quote from: Jack 1000;60228A strong argument AGAINST the merger:


Wow! The deal is even worse for consumers than I thought.

Thanks for posting that article, Jack.


The "shot clock" has been stopped. The FCC has gotten several phone messages and voicemail from consumers (including me) telling them to deny the merger.

QuoteMOST VOICEMAILS EXPRESSED OPPOSITION TO DEAL: Meanwhile on Wednesday, the FCC reported that throughout the Charter merger review, it received a number of phone calls and voicemails from citizens about the proposed deal. The FCC said most of them were opposed to the deal.
Overnight Tech: Charter-Time Warner Cable merger review nears end ยป
22 (!) Public Interest Groups have sent a letter to the FCC a few days ago urging them to deny the merger and outlining in great detail why it is bad for consumers, bad for content creators, and only good for Cable Company Executives:

The FCC is getting the message loud and clear from multiple fronts that consumers know this is a bad deal for them and they want it blocked.

No (unenforceable) promises from Charter could possibly make this a good deal for consumers. With this merger there is not only no benefit to consumers, there are several considerable and notable harms.

If you are a Charter, Time Warner Cable, or Bright House customer, your bill will go up considerably if these companies merge.

Raising prices is the only way they can pay off the significant existing and new debt ($66 billion in total debt including about $27 billion in new debt) that the company would have as a result of the merger.

They're going to pass the cost of this merger directly on to us, all to make a few cable executives very wealthy.

Here are the phone numbers of some key people at the FCC that you can call if you want to express your concern over this proposed merger (I would recommend calling all three people):

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler: (202) 418-1000
FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn: (202) 418-2100
FCC Commissioner Jessica Rosenworcel: 1-202-418-2400

I have called all three and left short, polite, and to-the-point voicemail messages explaining why this merger would be terrible for me as a consumer. Remember to give them your full name and the City and State you are calling from.

I just saw this news story- the FCC seems to be listening to the people.

Army of progressive groups launch FCC Hail Mary to stop Charter-TWC:


Quote from: PaulKTF;60240The "shot clock" has been stopped.

The shot clock hasn't been stopped. It continues to run past it's 180-day informal timeline. Currently, the clock reads day 185.

Jack 1000

FAQ: What Does Charter Plan to Do Now That Merger Has Passed?

Here is an FAQ about what will happen over the next several months:

Cisco 9865 DVR with Navigator Guide


For what it's worth, I was at one of the Time Warner Stores recently. I asked them when they expected the Charter policies and services to "kick in" for the Milwaukee area. The guy really didn't know much, but he did say that shortly after the new year, they're being asked to begin wearing their Spectrum logo shirts and nametags, vs. their current Time Warner Cable stuff.

So, take that for what it's worth. It does sort of mesh with what I was hearing, that we should begin seeing something Q1 2017.


Almost all the trucks I have seen are Spectrum.

I wonder what will happen to Earthlink packages when the minimum internet speed will be 60? I guess most of the TW internet subscribers will see their speed go up and price lowered.

Panasonic TH-50PX60U
Panasonic TH-42PZ85U