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Do you rent or own your modem/router ?

Started by Ralph Kramden, Monday Sep 29, 2014, 02:32:26 PM

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Ralph Kramden

I have EarthLink high speed internet and was curious if you rent or own your router, and why?

Currently I use the included Motorola modem and own a Netgear router. I had a problem this weekend with my router, and could not access the internet. I had to go thru a bunch of BS with Netgear over the phone, but it's working now. The router had to be re-configured and new firmware installed.



Own my own SB6141.  Modem cost me about $60 and saves me $6 a month.


I currently own my own cablemodem/router.   It is a Netgear C3700.  It was a larger initial investment at $120, but it does save me the $8 a month in rental fees, and gives me more control over things.

John L

Hope you guys realize that this website, Milwaukee HDTV org is scheduled to go offline permanently at anytime.  So, next time you attempt to log on and cannot...you will know why.

Tom Snyder is planning to take it down since its costing him to keep it up and a lot of people are not accessing or posting info anymore.


-John L.


I've been talking to him about moving its hosting and keeping it running.

Ralph Kramden

Thanks guys. My router is still working well since the new firmware, etc.

Is there a benefit to having the router and modem in one unit vs. a separate modem and router?


Much better off having the modem and router separate.  If nothing else, that way you can update one without having to buy both.

Ralph Kramden

Thanks. The router we own, but the modem was included with our internet.


I bought a CISCO DPC2100R2 a few years ago for $15 or so.  Bought a second one for about the same price as a backup.  

I've been wondering, if the first one dies, will they activate the second one, now that's it gone off the approved list?


I rent because the fact that TWC will replace it if needed or help with tech issues is worth it to me.


It appears that now Spectrum includes the modem again.  Now savings owning anymore.


You're right, the advantages have now all accrued to Spectrum. Will anyone be shocked to see management bonuses & share prices increase?

Unregulated duopoly math says, "Throttle less, raise the rack rate by $20 a month, bundle the modem again, and tell people they're getting a better deal.  Most of them won't figure it out, and the ones that do, well, good luck finding a competitive provider. "