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Important Information For Those With TWC SA-Boxes on On Demand Searching

Started by Jack 1000, Monday Mar 10, 2014, 10:34:11 PM

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Jack 1000

Hey Guys,

I sent feedback on this for our division, but here in Wisconsin, TWC has made Navigator channel 10001 the VOD Portal for the new boxes.  The thing is it shows on all the boxes and says, "To receive this channel, call customer service." (If you don't have the newer boxes.)  That's understandable.

The problem is that the legacy Title Search Keyboard has replaced all data on Channel 1000 (another VOD channel for all boxes regardless of model.) with Channel 1001, so in our division, anyone searching for all movies that used to be on channel 1000 are now showing in search results as channel 1001.

The workaround is when a movie shows up on channel 10001, you have to go to channel 1000 and tune in channel 1000 to see the movie that way.  My solution proposed was to put the keyboard search query data back to show movies on channel 1000 in search results.  Legacy search, should not be going to the new channel portal when the box does not qualify.

People are going to be calling customer service thinking their is something wrong with the VOD and the rep is going to say, "Oh you need a new box for that."  Problem is that our division has a policy of "no new boxes, unless you subscribe to Whole House DVR service."  Unsuspecting customers could get an upgrade and a $20 charge to their account each month, just because they thought their VOD isn't working!

Does anyone else with legacy boxes have this issue with the VOD portal channel?


PS. TWC has provided a link to the engineering development team, if this issue applies to your box.  If you are nice to them, they will examine all queries:

Cisco 9865 DVR with Navigator Guide


I'm not sure what's considered a legacy box, but my Cisco 8640HDC has the same issue.
Cisco 8640HDC

Jack 1000

Quote from: grenier;59874I'm not sure what's considered a legacy box, but my Cisco 8640HDC has the same issue.

For our area, the legacy boxes are all Scientific Atlanta (SA) models.  New boxes are Cisco's, Samsungs, and Motorola's.

Cisco 9865 DVR with Navigator Guide