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TWC SignatureHome

Started by jfelbab, Sunday Apr 28, 2013, 10:37:04 AM

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I had this install done this week and replaced my old 8300HDC STBs with Cisco 8742 HDC STBs.  The Cisco box has 500Gb of HD storage per STB in a much smaller size.  The CISCO box is at least twice as responsive as the aging 8300HDC.  I don't really care for the new control but I guess I will get used to it in time. Picture quality is good and the new STBs seem fine.  I do like the whole house DVR concept.

I always had lightning fast internet service typically over 20Mbps with just the standard internet service.  It is now over 50Mbps.  Not that I can really see much difference but it is what TWC advertised.

Voice is the same except that there is now no separate added charge for the voicemail services.  Need to look over the My TWC app to see if this is useful for me.

Moving to the SignatureHome service reduced my monthly bill by about 10%, over doubled my internet speed and got me faster STB's with much higher storage and ease of use.

The installer was on time and very knowledgable.  He was not in a hurry and answered all my questions. He set up the hardware and tied into my existing Apple Time Capsule/wireless router. He was familiar with the hardware he installed as well as my Apple hardware.

So far I'm liking the switch.


If you look at my previous posts the past few months, I also have had TWC Signature Home and it has been great. The installers and their personal service personnel are quite unlike regular TWC - knowledgeable, helpful and treat you with respect. My DVRs work fast, are the latest boxes and the reduction in my bill was about 15-20% over what I would be paying without the TWC Signature Home bundling and I get more in terms of HD channels, including my premiums, highest-speed internet and digital phone service nationwide.
I have friends that once complained about TWC that took the choice for this service level, they wanted pay a bit more and their concerns have and will be covered I am sure.
It's all about getting what you pay for, what your budget allows and needs are.


Well that didn't take long.  One of the new Cisco boxes started displaying split screens and dropping into the screensaver. Hard to duplicate but it occurred 3-4 times in a couple days. I called TWC SignatureHome support number and a tech was at my home an hour later replacing the box.  He also re-ran the feed to my home from the terminal just to be sure it was not a contributing factor.  Excellent service!


This is what you will expect from them, I had a minor incident with my home phone and got it fixed right away. Nice to have knowledgeable people for your service.