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need a new wireless router

Started by Tivoman44, Monday Oct 28, 2013, 09:00:37 PM

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I currently have a Netgear Wireless G WGR614 V9, four years old, am having trouble obtaining a signal in my house that once wasn't as big an issue.  

What am I looking for in getting a new router.  I believe this is an old 2.4gb, do I go for 5 gb? Dual Band?


I have she AC66U for over 6 months. It's a nice dual band router.

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A few comments.

Your post suggests that coverage and range are the problems you are trying to solve.    With this in mind, purchasing a dual band or router that supports 802.11a (5 ghz band) router isn't the solution, as while that band can carry higher amounts of data, its signal doesn't penetrate through walls and ceilings very well.  

The newest 802.11 specs are for 802.11ac, which is a young technology that isn't widely supported yet.  You could spend  $185, and get the ASUS RT-AC66U here:

The AC66U will future proof your network for a while .. but .. it would take a while to unlock its benefits, since your laptop, phone, tablet don't support 802.11ac yet.  In a few years, they all will.

I've purchased three AC66Us for my workplace building, and they perform well.

But I wouldn't go that route for my home:    I'd stick with a solid 802.11n router like the Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H for $87.

The Buffalo should have the range to get through your home, and it's half the price.  It's got nice beefy 5db antennas and in theory great range.  

  In 4-5 years, something new will be out anyhow, and the 802.11ac's will have dropped in price, so spending $87 now is the best choice for a home setting.


Thank you for your reply.  

Yes coverage and range are the issues I am having.  My house is about 1400 sq feet.  Built in the 50s, so it has plaster walls instead of drywall, which I'm thinking may be part of the issue.  I have tried moving it around a few different places, seems to not be that great in some areas.  

I just learned the difference between Wireless G and wireless N today.  

I think I'm going to try that wireless Buffalo one from that link you provided.  

Thanks for your help

Nels Harvey

After fooling around with Linksys, and Dlink, I finally went to the Netgear WNR2000.  I am finding excellent coverage around my 2.5 acres, as well as throughout my 1400 square foot 50's ranch.  I think the Netgear unit is a solid performer.
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