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4k TV's at Best Buy.

Started by budda, Thursday Apr 25, 2013, 09:39:53 PM

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Ralph Kramden


It's cheaper than plasmas when they first came out. :)

I don't see any good reason to get a 4K set within the next 10 years. I still don't have a 3D set.

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Thanks for the update on your failure to embrace interesting new technologies in a timely manner, grandpa.

But yes, it is ridiculous to early adopt a 4K TV right now. For some reason they can't be arsed to put in a ****ing DisplayPort on any of these TVs. Seriously?! It's a premium $5,000 TV and you can't put in a ROYALTY FREE video input?! This agenda between the big TV manufacturers and Hollywood to only put the proprietary, inferior HDMI standard in televisions is outrageous and it's holding us back for 4K. It's holding us back for 3D TV at framerates greater than 30 FPS too. I have yet to see a 1080p 3DTV with a DisplayPort input. DisplayPort can handle 1080p @ 120 Hz, or 3D 1080p @ 60 Hz. Pathetic HDMI 1.4 can only do 1080p @ 60 Hz or 3D 1080p @ 30 Hz.

You can imagine how aggravating this is as a PC gamer as we have a variety of 3D games and I am held back from enjoying 3D PC gaming because of this stupid HDMI standard that is pervasive in all screens larger than 30". I don't want to be hunched over a desk and a tiny monitor just so I can enjoy 1080p 3D @ 60 Hz. Or maybe it would be nice to actually send content to the TV at its native 120 Hz refresh rate instead of relying on crappy frame interpolation done by the TV? Did you ever think of that, Samsung, you idiots?!

DisplayPort is the only video standard out right now that can handle 4K video at a refresh rate higher than 30 Hz. That's right, all these 4K TVs are worthless because they only have HDMI 1.4 ports which can't handle the resolution at a refresh rate as high as your old 1080p TV. That 120 Hz garbage on the packaging? It is a LIE. You can't take advantage of that framerate because the morons refuse to put a DisplayPort on there. Why would anyone want a 4K TV that can only run at 30 Hz?

Right now most 4K content exists in the form of PC games, and 30 FPS doesn't cut it for us PC gamers. I would love to have a 4K TV but I won't buy one until they have inputs capable of receiving 4K at refresh rates of 60 Hz or greater - and that means waiting for one with a DisplayPort or a HDMI 2.0 port. 4K TVs will be impractical until next year, basically.


Can always count on you for a colorful response. lol. :)

Ralph Kramden

I'm holding out for 16K resolution.


I'll take my chance with this one, thanks.
Shame I missed out on the $300 off special a few weeks ago.


Quote from: murdoc;59332I'll take my chance with this one, thanks.
Shame I missed out on the $300 off special a few weeks ago.

The CNET review of that TV wasn't very good.  Good marks using native 4K content, but anything 1080P that had to be scaled ended up looking worse than on a native 1080P TV.

I realize its just 1 review, so definitely worth looking for more opinions before deciding if it's right for you.
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