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Rooftop Antenna

Started by Tivoman44, Monday Apr 02, 2012, 05:06:39 PM

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Yes it is a preamp/amp same thing as far as what you are trying to do. Amps everything good and bad. If it is working it requires power that's why you were asked if there is a plug in some where. As far as ground and wires to other rooms. I would say it would run about 25 an hour. Plus material. Depending how picky you are and how easy it is to get a cable to other rooms. Your antenna looks fine but you may want something newer. I had one that was 19  years old looked worse then yours and worked fine I am in Oconomowoc and that's about 35 miles as the crows fly's from the towers,, worked fine. Replaced my roof put it above the garage inside that also works fine. You can cancel out a signal if it is to strong but very rare. If you are sticking with a nice ant. get one with a router. that way you can hit other cites. And more channels. Also newer router can map your channels so it just works. Good luck. :)


Quote from: budda;58426get one with a router. that way you can hit other cites. And more channels. Also newer router can map your channels so it just works. Good luck. :)

I'm guessing you mean rotor aka rotator.


Yes, sorry MPS grad.


If you are looking for an could try these guys...


That is actually a good antenna.  I would get rid of the preamp at the antenna they tend to overload and cause more problem.  Connect the antenna directly to the coax and give it a try.  I live just east of Southridge off of Edgerton and have no problems with out an amp.


Nels Harvey

My son complained that his CM4228 antenna in Grafton wasn't giving a strong signal.  He climbed up the roof, and found the Archer (Radio Shack) antenna amplifier had rusted out inside, and there was no connection to the antenna.  The 'F' connectors on the amplifier were great, but the body screws apart, and there was no internal connection.  He bypassed it and now has great reception without an amplifier!

An antenna like yours, given where you live, ought to work just fine.  I still recommend a new co-ax, preferably RG-6.  If that doesn't do it, then an amplifier might help.  Just remember, some amplifiers can do funny things to UHF frequencies.  I would suggest that if you do try an amplifier, do not use anything more powerful than a 10db gain unit.  Good luck!
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A quick update.  I've been here about a week and only have one TV hooked up with my Tivo.  Using a basic 10 dollar pair of rabbit ears, the reception so far is great.  It has excellent reception on every channel (much better than where I was in Wauwatosa).  I am just a little worried that when I hook up other TVs the reception will not be as good but I'll deal with it when the time comes.  While nothing is perfect on occasion when it has pixelated, it has recovered very quickly with hardly any video or audio breakout.

I used to live in Grafton and also could not get anything with indoor rabbit ears.  Luckily my landlord had a roof antenna that was properly hooked up.  

Thanks for your help, I'll keep you posted with anything else.


And given the rain right where I am now, the signal is still very strong.  Did a signal meter check.  The lowest signals on the Tivo box was Ch 4, 6, and 12 in the mid to high 70s (green still).  Ch 10 was only in the 50s, but 36 was in the 90s as was every other signal.  I don't understand that how CBS was consistently the worst in Tosa but is great here, but NFL football and all my favorites are there so no complaint.


Sorry to Resurrect this older thread, but I have noticed that some channels still aren't the most consistent in signal with my indoor rabbit ears.  I have noticed that in hot weather the reception is worst (we have yet to see about winter).

However I think I'm going to get someone over here to replace or repair my current set up.

Someone on an earlier response said that if I go with getting the roof antenna hooked up that I should get one with a rotators to pick up other cities.  What other cities, Madison, Chicago?  Is that even possible?