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Started by kjnorman, Thursday May 16, 2002, 01:00:00 PM

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It looks like JVC is rolling out a TiVo like PVR that will be capable of recording HDTV from Dish.  ryid=1093

The model is the TU-9000, but alas I will not be available until perhaps September.  Oh well I will give me time to save up my pennies.


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Well, if you have a Mits set, you could buy the HS-HD2000U now, it's like $1k or something.  Or buy a HiPix DTV-200 for $400 and a few other computer parts and use that.

Greg O.


I must say I am interested in the HiPix being a bit of a techie, but I run into problems with trying to get that idea past my wife.  She would not agree to that cost for just 3 OTA stations.

Also we are a TiVo family.  We watch like 98% of our TV through the TiVo.  We hate watching life TV now.  

Hence I am hoping the the JVC box is worthy, as it promises the TiVo like functionality but is capable with OTA and Dish HDTV as well as regular (so I understand) analog.  Sounds like the one box solution I need.