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HDMI out to Component Video in converter or cable

Started by bklass, Friday Oct 01, 2010, 06:36:10 PM

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Has anyone tried going from the HDMI out of a Directv HR20 type DVR to the component in of a 65" Mitsibishi WS 65311 HDTV monitor?

I've been told the picture improves over Component to Component.

If so, what equipment do you suggest?


Sorry, but you can't do this with a simple cable. HDMI is a digital signal, while component is an analog signal.
You would need a converter to decode the digital signal and re-encode it to analog, which would defeat the purpose.

The "best" path would be HDMI all the way. I've found that I cannot tell the difference between the HDMI out and the component out from DirecTV. They compress their HD signal to begin with, so whether it gets uncompressed to HDMI or component, it pretty much looks the same.


Thanks Olias.

I've been told this works with HDMI to DVI, but my TV doesn't have a DVI input.

My picture isn't terrible, I just have alot of breakups, stalls & burps and thought this might help.


Quote from: bklass;56390My picture isn't terrible, I just have alot of breakups, stalls & burps and thought this might help.

If you have breakups, check the signal strengths on your receiver.  The national HD channels are located on 99c, 103ca and 103cb, so run the signal strength on those.  If your signal is in the 50-60s or lower on most transponders, then you can probably expect breakups.  I would suggest a dish realignment if this is the case.  A properly aligned dish should get at least high 80s signal strength for most transponders.


My signal strengths are in the high 90's.
DirecTv has been out many times,
They have replaced my dish, cables, switch receivers with no improvement.
I am usung 2 HR20's because they allow my roof antenna to pass thru during rain fade epidsodes (which are often).
I have a feeling that it might be the software on these receivers.
I don't seem to have many problems on the H20 I have, only the HR 20's.
We notice it especially on playback of recorded programs, but also when watching live.


Just curious, where do the DirecTV boxes sit?  Are they out where they can get cool air, or trapped in a cabinet where they get hot?  I had plenty of dropout problems with my Dish Network 722 DVR that turned out to be heat related.  Once I took it out of the entertainment center, the problems cleared up.  Either the chips or the hard drive were getting too hot, then we'd have all kinds of dropouts and weird stuff happen.

If the box is in a place where it could build up heat, give it a try somewhere cooler.  If the diagnostics on the box can tell you what your high/low temps and average temps are, check those out and compare them to other people's temps online (or maybe some here can give you their numbers to compare).

The reason I looked into heat on my side was because the breakups were not consistent.  I could playback a program with issues, then after turning the box off and trying the same program again later, it would work just fine.  That told me the program recorded fine, but the error was on playback.

Mike B.
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Dish Network w/722 DVR
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I think we can only get the current temp.  My HR22 ranges from 90 - 110 F and it's in a generally open area.

DirecTV has a known audio dropout issue with their receivers.  I notice that all the time on my HR22.  Occasionally the picture drops for a second or two, but not very often.  I notice it mostly in my living room because it's hooked up via HDMI to my AV receiver and the receiver takes a second or two to resync audio.  My bedroom TV is hooked to the same receiver using component cables and I don't notice the dropouts very much.

I don't think this is the case because both of your HR20s are doing this, but maybe the hard drive is dying:  Try the self test in the 3rd post if you can.


Thanks for the idea's.

I do have my boxes in cabinets, but was able to put some distance bewteen them over the weekend.  I am still watching things I recorded before moving the receivers.    It will be interesting to see if this simple fix works.

I will try to run the self test in the next day or so!

I'll keep you guys informed.