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Kill the Pop-Up Window(s)

Started by METROmilwaukee, Friday Sep 04, 2009, 01:26:14 PM

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IE will identify and catch all pop-ups (pups) written with cleint-side JavaScript which can pose security problems for people who choose to allow the popups to run.

Just because we may choose to click and allow the pup only means we are over-riding Microsoft's attempts to try to ensure bad code does not come through that pup. Web developers know pups are intentionally targeted which is why Microsoft finally got around to trying to protect us from the dangers of using this type of pup. For example, a "news" item in feeds that contains a URL that is scripted to break through your pup so it may put other script onto the victim's harddrive is how it is generally done and not neccessarily caught by virus scanners running on the desktop.

It's annoying dismissing the pup as I do when coming to and I'm interested in what you are trying to bring to my attention but there are safer ways to do so; another RSS Web feed embedded into the page would be my recomendation.

Tom Snyder

The popup is a feature of VBulletin that people complain about in droves when it decides to stop working. This is the first time in 7 years anyone has complained about it being there. It will be easier for me to just remove it. Sorry to be lazy, but I don't have the resources or energy to do it differently.  Will have to think about it.  

BTW...Most repeat visitors to the site just go directly to the forums, and many use a saved URL that just shows them the new threads
Tom Snyder
Administrator and Webmaster for