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Need OTA Amplifier Suggestions

Started by TonyC, Tuesday Sep 30, 2008, 11:38:24 AM

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Hello Everyone,
 I just switched to Dish and OTA, but am finding that the 12.1 and 10.1 signals are very marginal from my location (Radio Shack VU90-XR up at 22 feet).

  My first try was a RadioShack 1in-4out bi-directional amp with 8dB gain, but that only made the problem worse. I'm guessing about 80 feet of quad-shield RG6 with only one break for the lightning block.

 Could anyone give me what they have tried with OTA antennas? Most all of the other channels come in fine, but I can't find one location that pulls both 12.1 and 10.1 in at the same time.


Tom Snyder

We'll need to know your location to be of much help...
Tom Snyder
Administrator and Webmaster for


Thanks Tom.
I was able to fix the problem that turned out to be a bad connector (that I put on for the grounding block).

I'm now running the Radio Shack mast mounted pre-amplifier and its working fine. I guess I was just getting frustrated with why the signal would get worse with an amplifier in-line and wanted to see what models others have used.

I'm on the west-side of Waukesha, and am now getting 25 digital signals, the weakest being 6.1 at 72%. MPTV comes in at 100 now which I couldn't see at at before. The pre-amp is set at around 60% gain and will allow me to compensate for downstream splitters later on.

Thanks for reading.