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Audio doesn't work, then works with 8300?

Started by Movin2Milwaukee, Tuesday Nov 07, 2006, 03:08:25 AM

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Very strange moment with my 8300HD and hope it's not an issue with my tv. I recorded "Lost" last week and I watched it all the way through and there were no audio glitches at all. I played it again for my girlfriend tonight and there was an audio drop during the same recording! I rewound to the same part twice and it dropped out at the exact same time. Amazingly, I tried one more time and it played the same part fine!

Is my 8300 just whacked out or is it my tv?

Mark Strube

I've had this problem before. It used to be mostly with HDNet and UniversalHD recordings, but now it seems to be an overall very random glitch.

I like to record Nothing But Trailers from HDNet... if I was watching it live while it recorded, no drops. (I'm talking about the real live version, not the pseudo-live buffered version when you hit the "live" button on the remote.) I'd watch the same thing recorded, and there'd be audio drops, always at the same exact point in the same exact trailers, no matter which airing it is.

That problem seems to be gone, but the 8300HD still has audio drop problems that are much less frequent, but very random.