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Site is here.. now the promotion needs to start

Started by Tom Snyder, Thursday Feb 21, 2002, 10:42:00 PM

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As far as bankroll goes, why not set up an account through paypal where we can donate to this site?

I'd gladly pitch in a few bucks, and I'm sure many of our other members would as well.


I think cards would still be a good idea.  If nothing else make them available to interested members maybe they can put them in a visible place at their work (if allowed by the employer).  Any interest generated also has a live contact that can put in a good word for the site and give some detailed info about HDTV.


I think the FAQ page should also be updated particularly with respect to HD Packer games..  maybe placed with a little more prominent location?  If there is any interest in HDTV I'm sure this will help for any newbie that visits the site.  Just an Idea.