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Official SA 8300HD DVR Users Thread

Started by Mark Strube, Sunday Feb 27, 2005, 05:10:40 PM

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Mark Strube

I just picked up the new box this morning. Some notes: the component video output is much, much sharper. Program access and channel changing is also much quicker. Very cool search feature: if you go into the guide and hit C to search by title, you can actually TYPE IN keywords (movies, shows, actors, directors) or titles and it'll come up with a list of names, you choose the name you're looking for, and it'll list every show with that person, director, title, etc. VERY cool and useful. Much quicker than scrolling thru a list of shows. I haven't been able to test the HDMI yet, a cable is on its way. S-video output is always active, no need to switch to SD mode. I'd assume composite output is also always active.


I called them today, and they said that this box is still in testing, and that there is no way I can order one.

Mark Strube

Call the local Mayfair store at 1-866-892-6007 and ask if they have any left. (This is different from the standard customer service number, this goes straight to the store. Customer service never knows what's in stock at what stores.) I picked mine up this morning around 10:30, although I think it might've been one of the last ones that they got in the latest shipment.

Paul S.


Got mine today in Kenosha, Racine store didn't have them yet. I had to go through customer service becuase they were not being released  to public yet.

SONY KDS 60A2020
SONY STR-DE1075 6.1
D* HD DVR HR21,  (2) D* HD H21, AM21 OTA


So, I went to the billing office, after being told on the phone that they didnt have any.  Got there, and asked if she had any of the 8300HDs, to which she replied no.  And then she handed me a box with "8300HD" printed in big letters on the side.  I just grinned.  Hope this works better than the 8000HD


A question for you JOHN GRY or Mark Strube or anybody else that has the 8300 already.  Does it output SD and HD at the same time?  The reason I am asking is because I feed 2 TV's with my 8000, 1 HD 1 SD and it is a pain when I have to run downstairs to switch the box to SD when I want to watch my SD TV (which is upstairs).  I still don't know why TWC doesn't have both outputs (HD and SD) active at the same time, but hopefully somebody will tell me that this problem is solved with the 8300!  One more question.  What kind of SD outputs does the 8300 in this area have (Coax, Composite, S-Vid)?  Just curious for the same reason as above.  Thanks.


The 8300 HD has composite and component outputs that are active at the same time.  The RF out is active at all times as well.    Not sure if the s-video output is active at all times, but I would expect that to be the case.


Yes, the 8300 does include active down-converted RF and composite outputs.  Not sure about Y/C.
The 8300 is built on a slightly different hardware platform, but it does not use different firmware.  Therefore lingering issues on the 8000 will not be 'fixed' by swapping your 8000 hardware.
Unless you need down conversion on RF or composite or require an HDMI interface, I suggest you hold off for now.  So louisd13 could benefit from a new DVR.  Besides, IMO, the new box is uglier than the original... if that's even possible. :o
There are not hundreds of these things out there.  You will simply frustrate yourself if you rip your gear out and head for the nearest customer service center for a swap.

Mark Strube

Well, I for one am happier with the new box. It operates a lot smoother, and the better picture quality is simply a joy. It finally matches up with the great PQ of the Pioneer HD boxes, it's unbelievable how soft the 8000HD makes the picture. Also, yes, S-video is active at all times. I will be able to test HDMI out in a few days, the HDMI -> DVI cable is on order. I'll let you guys know how it goes.

About composite video: When you configure the box in SD mode, the Y/V connector acts as a normal Video connector, just like on the 8000... however, just like with the 8000, the method for putting it into SD mode that's listed in the manual does not work, and the old CH+ VOL- trick no longer works. SO, there's no method that I'm aware of to put it into SD mode yet... but S-video and RF are always active (and in SD of course), so that should be good for most people.

Ugly? I prefer beefy. Your friends look at it... now THAT'S a box that DOES something IMPORTANT!  :D
I also prefer the less wide but slightly thicker form factor better... the 8000 had to sit with a DVD player on top of it, and that's always risky, now this one can more easily be the top item in the tower of electronics for better cooling.


For one, I'm enjoying the free Showtime, Cinemax, TMC, and Starz.

and the quality, much better


I'm ready to goto the dish....

"Your digital cable service has been disconnected.  Please call your cable operator for assistance...."

This is total bullsh**

I get a new box, cause the two previous ones failed, and then I get some sorta message about my digital cable getting disconnected after having it for less than 5 hours.

Mark Strube

Heh... chill... this probably has something to do with the service maintenence I mentioned in this thread: http://www.milwaukeehdtv.org/forums/showthread.php?t=4885

Simply call customer service and let them know, all they have to do is reset your box. This is a common ocurrence when swapping or getting new boxes.

On another note, I'm guessing that firewire still isn't active since it's using the same firmware... correct? Although, HDMI is active... so who knows.

Andrew Grall

I wonder if this is finally worth trading my cable card for, since it is a DVR that uses DVI/HDMI...

Of course, I still wouldn't be able to record Smallville in HD, since TW still does not have channel 18 in HD...  :mad:


I think I know the answer to this, but will I lose all the shows I've recorded when I switch to the new box? Is there any way to transfer them?

Is it worth making a switch? My biggest beef with the 8000 is how jumpy the picture can get in HD. Is that fixed? Will my $100 DVI cable work?