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Integra 912s Updated

Started by Malamute, Monday Jun 21, 2004, 10:11:38 PM

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Well here is the update for the It921s :  Its been one week since I hooked it up and got it all programed and the ONLY down side it dose not have the DiSEqC 1.0 not the 1.2 for the dish mover control so I looped it through my Coship and use that to move the dish H-H.

The PBS HDTV channel on AMC 3  WOW!!!!!  better than OTA local station quailty but I enjoy the local content too, don't get me wrong.    Just as good as the coship I have.

None for the OTA ATSC tuner:   Just about the same as My Samsung sir t-165 unit.  If they made it with out the european side on it, it may be even better.  The signal strengh is mostly the same so I'll say this for the unit.  "It has many good points but the one bad point that the DiSEqC is only 1.0 not 1.2 and dosen't have USALS either".  

I'll say wait till they upgrade it with a few more features (DiSEqC 1.2 or 2.0 + USALS).



I'm glad to here you got it and it looks like that will be the one I get.  I'll give them to the end of summer and see if if they did the DisEqC upgrade.  That was something that I asked you about after you said you ordered one.  Like I said once before I need to get a stand alone tuner and this will aslo help me get into the FTA ku-band satelite setup.  Thanks for your report.:)


Hey Malamute

One more question before I place my order.  On the OTA side of the Integra receiver, does it tune in and lock in the multi cast channels such as 8.1 through 8.6 and 46.1 through 46.3?  what I mean is, I can expect it to work like any other stand alone OTA set top box as far as tuning channels right?  As far as the DisEqc 1.2 is concerned, ya it would be nice if it already had it, but then again it may become availible as a firmware update in the future that the end user can download and update the receiver through it's RS-232 port.  I want to get one of these ordered soon and if they don't upgrade the DisEqc then I'll just have to get a seperate motor controller when I finally get a dish and LNB for the FTA side of it. Oh by the way you did get it through hdtvMAX right?:D