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Audio Emporium To Be Conducting a HDTV Seminar

Started by Matt Heebner, Wednesday Mar 12, 2003, 04:03:09 PM

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Matt Heebner

Here is the link to the announcement.

Audio Emporium HDTV Seminar

Hey Todd and Tom...I think we should have a presence there as a representative for this site. I just wanted to give a heads up about this. I can't imagine a HDTV event going on in this town without our involvement!:D


Gregg Lengling

If no one else from the board wants the honor of going...I can put it on my schedule...I don't leave for the British Isle's till the next week.
Gregg R. Lengling, W9DHI
Living the life with a 65" Aquos
glengling at milwaukeehdtv dot org  {fart}


It's about time somebody puts a post here i was wondering if this was going to last.LOL