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Who We Are

Who is MilwaukeeHDTV.org?

MilwaukeeHDTV.org is a loosely affiliated group of HDTV enthusiasts from in and around the Milwaukee area. Most of us are "early adopters" of HDTV technology and have made it a hobby or subject of interest. Despite what others might think, we are just regular folks.

What is the purpose of the MilwaukeeHDTV.org web site?

This site is meant to educate people and promote High Definition TV. We are not in this for commercial gain and we are not associated with any broadcaster, manufacturer, or retailer. We chose to create this site as a way to spread the word about something we enjoy and in which we have an interest - High Definition Television. We also hope that this site will help clear up many misconceptions about what HDTV is and what it isn't. Finally we want the site to be a technical resource for beginners and veterans alike to help them over any hurdles, real or imagined, that stand in the way of their enjoyment of HDTV. In short, we want to help people understand HDTV.

How do I contact MilwaukeeHDTV.org?

You may e-mail us at info@MilwaukeeHDTV.org .